Duck Foot Anchor

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The Duck Foot anchor is a new patented drywall fixing that easily and quickly provides a strong and secure mounting in both single and double drywall. Ideal areas of application are modular shelf rails, brackets, wall units, TV mounts, lamps, etc.

No pre-drilling is required and the integrated drill ensures that the hole is the right dimension, which is no bigger than 12mm. The supplied screw is 5mm and permits an object thickness up to max. 22 mm. Installation is carried out using a power drill and a PH2 standard bit.



Benefits of using Duck Foot:

It provides a reliable and secure fixing and is able to handle a substantial amount of weight from a single fixing
The self-drilling concept makes it an easy option for anyone looking to affix items to hollow stud plasterboard walls
The drilling does not leave a big hole in the plasterboard which as a result helps to protect the plasterboard and make any filling of holes thereafter a quicker and easier job
The Duck Foot can be used to secure a vast range of items to wall or ceiling and plug through single or double layer plasterboard materials
The product size gives the Duck Foot an immediate advantage over some other similar products and therefore be used in multiple ways.

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