Each trade pack contains:

5 x 750ml tins of AlphaChem Gun Grade Expanding Foam
1 x 500ml tin of AlphaChem Foam Cleaner
1 x Foam Applicator Gun



Description & Uses

The ideal choice for the easy and quick removal of fresh, uncured PU foam from applicator
guns and nozzles. Can also be used to clean foam from surfaces, window and door frames and
To clean foam applicator guns simply screw the can tightly onto the foam applicator gun,
taking care not to over tighten and spray through the gun. If a tin of expanding foam has been
left attached to the gun for longer than 1 week the gun should be cleaned thoroughly inside
and out to remove all residues.
For cleaning of applicator nozzles, spray through the nozzle.
Store in cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight. Ideally store between +5°C &
Shelf Life
24 months when stored in original, unopened packaging.
Can not be used to clean cured foam.
Strong solvent – may damage sensitive surface – always test a small inconspicuous area before full
scale application.
It is the user’s responsibility to ensure suitability for use.

An easy to use, one part PU Expanding Foam ideal for general construction and home improvement uses. For use with foam applicator guns, featuring higher yield, easy application and reusability.

Alpha Chem Gun Grade Expanding foam has excellent adhesion and filling capabilities plus high thermal and acoustical insulation value. Mould proof, waterproof and overpaintable.

This product does not contain any propellant gases which are harmful to the ozone layer.

Cold Weather Advice

In cold temperatures it is wise to place your foam tins in a bucket of warm water to bring them up to room temperature, and to shake well before use.


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