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Topstore – Standard Colour TC1 Semi-Open Fronted Containers.Overall Length 90mm x Overall Width 100mm x Overall Height 50mmInternal Length 80mm x Internal Width 88mm x Internal Height 42mmA simple and effective small parts storage system for a wide range of materials. Space saving, manufactured from polypropylene, can be stacked or for increased flexibility, used with Topstore Louvred Panels, Cabinets and Shelving.Containers can be manufactured in own brand and colours for high volume users.

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Features:Strong, heavy duty with reinforced base, sides and stacking rimDurable, resistant to most industrial solventsMaterial is capable of withstanding a temperature range from -15 degrees centigrade to +50 degrees centigrade, however this this may not apply when under load or stress dependant upon use or applicationHygienic, clean, smooth inside faces guard against build up of grease etcIndex card slot for instant product identification (labels not supplied as standard – please order separately)Available in 7 sizesImportant: Container Stacking LoadsPlease note that when stacking containers, the entire stack load is dispersed onto the base container.Therefore neither the individual load or the total load of the stacked containers (up to the max.stack height) should exceed the maximum stack load. The diagram shows TC5 containers stacked to their maximum of 4 high.As the maximum stack load for TC5 is 45Kg, if containers 1,2 &3 are equally loaded they can each carry 15Kg.If they were stacked 3 high and equally loaded each container could carry 22.5Kg or 2 high 45Kg.